KAOS Management is the first and foremost independent promotions company in Australia, with exclusive representation of artists at radio. Our passion
and belief in Australian music has never been questioned. KAOS clientele features the highest calibre of artists – SHEPPARD, John Butler Trio, GOTYE, LIME CORDIALE, Nick De La Hoyde, Get Smart Music’s DENNIS and Chugg Music and USA’s Yelawolf, to name a few.

We service radio nationally, both metropolitan and regional and both commercial and alternative and service your video digitally to all music tv / cable
shows. KAOS also offers a consultancy service to get your artist ready for release and an action plan to facilitate it.

Ben Hazlewood

Ben Hazlewood is no stranger to radio stations in Australia having travelled around the East Coast for acoustic performances in 2017. His powerful vocals shook the walls of stations in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast in support of WANTED, his 1,000,000 + streamed song.

Move to 2018 – Ben spent many sessions writing with NZ’s multi-talented Gin Wigmore, the results of which can be heard here with Save Your Sorries, a power packed burst of pure energy from this phenomenal vocalist.


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Brittany Maggs

Finding her way onto Australian radio earlier this year with the tongue and cheek girl-power anthem “Lazy Boy”, 19 year old Sydney singer songwriter, Brittany Maggs has a new single, “Reasons.”

“Reasons’, a power ballad is modern and emotive in its delivery but is reminiscent of 80’s era anthems.

The track was co-written by Brittany and members of Sony Music’s new group ‘Darling Brando’ and tells an ever-familiar story of longing for a love that no longer exists.


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Carla Wehbe

Carla Wehbe new Single ‘Don’t Tell Me’

Sydney-based singer, songwriter, musician and producer, Carla Wehbe today presents her new solo project with debut single, ‘Don’t Tell Me

As an artist, Carla Wehbe successfully merges current pop melodies with an edgy 80’s nostalgia, as showcased on her glowing debut ‘Don’t Tell Me’; a confident and catchy pop moment drenched in bold self-assurance. ‘Don’t Tell Me’ was inspired by a night out when, while looking for a friend in a bar, Carla was confronted by a man who asked, “Would it kill you to smile?”.

The frustration of this comment whirred around in Carla’s head for days following, intensifying and expanding as it did. “It was such a pointless and unhelpful thing to say, “ Carla explains, “If I don’t feel like smiling I’m not going to for the sake of making someone else feel more comfortable.”


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KAOS & GET SMART MUSIC are pleased to announce that , DENNIS. Gold Coast’s Olivia Dennis has revealed her follow up to TRAP DOOR, her new single ‘VERTIGO’, an infectious synth obsessed tune exploring the reality of her own inner voices.

Talking about the single released under KAOS’s recently formed independent label Get Smart Music, Olivia says “With confronting truths and unanswered self reservations “Vertigo” faces the reality of one’s inner voices. It’s that constant push and pull that makes everything feel too real, falling into the trap of your own ‘Vertigo’.

An Australian recording, “VERTIGO” was co-written with Sydney songwriter/producer Keelan Mak, produced by Gold Coast producer MDWS and mixed by Tristan Hougland (LA) formally from Brisbane.


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Songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Gotye is the music-making mantle of one-man band,Wally de Backer. A few years ago his indie album, Like Drawing Blood, became an underground classic and saw Gotye collect the 2007 ARIA Award for Best Male Artist. The multi-platinum follow up – Making Mirrors – sold over 2 million copies worldwide and won 3 Grammy’s due to the smash “Somebody I Used To Know”.




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Indiana Massara

Australian Singer / Songwriter / Actress / Model

– 16 years of age 
– Lives between Australia and Los Angeles
– Currently appearing in the wildly popular hit series ‘Chicken Girls’ (Brat) averaging 7 million views per episode as well as the accompanying 2018 Feature Film ‘First Kiss’.
– Weekly host of ‘Brat Chat’ on the Brat Network 


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John Butler Trio

John’s album HOME just debuted #1 on National ARIA Chart October 6 and features the new single “JUST CALL”. Currently on tour in Europe – Australia will see him live early 2019 for his tour with special guests, MISSY HIGGINS and STELLA DONNELLY.


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Lime Cordiale

Lime Cordiale’s ROBBERY has proved in 2020 to be one of the top songs internationally for the band, following on from its #7 in 2019’s Triple J HOTTEST 100.
This acceptance had all been achieved through hard work via a great live show and constant touring.
Now success has come with the #1 ARIA album and we believe Robbery has yet to achieve the success it deserves on Australian mainstream radio.
The album already achieved Triple J Album of the Week and was just added to Spotify’s most followed playlist HOT HITS AUSTRALIA (1,200,000 followers). Top that off with over 15,000,000 Spotify streams, as well as many powerful worldwide playlist adds, ROBBERY is set for Australian mainstream radio success.


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MONATOMIC “Let Me Forget You”

Steffan Lazar and Tarran Webster are childhood friends who grew up in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Drastically varying in personal music tastes from electro rock to shiny pop, the duo comes together to create something truly unique.
Steff and Tarran have had a roller-coaster ride since they first began releasing their music. They have been flown to the US for corporate and private gigs, randomly even playing their music to Woody Harrelson in their pajamas (…one morning in a mansion in Beverly Hills – we had to add that because it was so surreal!)
MONATOMIC’s songs have received airplay across a variety of Triple J slots including Breakfast, House Party and Home & Hosed. They’ve also been heard on the HIT Network and Sydney’s FBi radio.


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Nick De La Hoyde


Lay Low, Nick’s latest release, is a cheeky care free track that encapsulates that feeling you get when it’s a Friday night, you have finished work for the week and you’re up to no good.
It features a layered vocal with retro inspired synths.

SPOTIFY Playlists
POP ‘N’ FRESH, The Local List, Brekkie Time.
Added to 2700 playlists.
200,000 +streams


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Heavy basslines, crunchy rhythmic guitars and a riding, Californian-tinged breakdown. This isn’t the same sound that Sheppard is known for…this isn’t the same band that fans have come to know and love…this is something completely different, in the best possible way.

First conceptualised in LA during a month-long writing session, before being finished in their hometown of Brisbane Australia, the band’s August-release ‘Catalina’ has been three years in the making.

“We were so inspired by California when we were there, that a song about California basically wrote itself” Said Amy Sheppard, whose vocals lead the new single. “It depicts a racy story of two lovers, sunglasses on and roof down, driving through the Californian desert with the sun in their faces and their real lives in the rearview mirror. This track isn’t your typical Sheppard sound, but I can’t remember the last time we had this much fun recording a single”.


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Sofi Tukker

The group has also shared a new single and video from the EP for “Swing”, a crowd favourite at their live shows.

SOFI TUKKER says of “Swing”,”This song always felt like an epic battle song. It’s more like a chant than a song, really. It’s called “Swing” because we literally swing the song after Tuck says that. We collaborated with the Brazilian poet, Chacal, and the words are about words!! Like a lot of the things we do with Chacal, part of the meaning of it is just how nonsensical it is. It’s really about how delicious and delightful and also meaningless words ultimately are.


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Vanessa Amorosi

The Blacklisted Collection is the sixth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Amorosi. It was released on 26 June 2020 and is Amorosi’s first independent release The album consists of re-recorded songs or demos that were not included on previous albums. Amorosi told The Music Network “It’s interesting why they might not have been included, didn’t the sound work? Were the lyrics too intense? Didn’t it make sense for them to be included on a pop record?” saying that releasing the these was “so liberating for me because I’d been wanting to get these songs out for such a long time. It also includes some songs written and released within a week.

The album was preceded by nine singles, released weekly leading up to the album’s release. Amorosi said “Now that we have released nine singles every Monday I can understand why it is not done. Because it is really hard.”


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