Vanessa Amorosi


The Blacklisted Collection is the sixth studio album by Australian singer-songwriter Vanessa Amorosi. It was released on 26 June 2020 and is Amorosi’s first independent release The album consists of re-recorded songs or demos that were not included on previous albums. Amorosi told The Music Network “It’s interesting why they might not have been included, didn’t the sound work? Were the lyrics too intense? Didn’t it make sense for them to be included on a pop record?” saying that releasing the these was “so liberating for me because I’d been wanting to get these songs out for such a long time. It also includes some songs written and released within a week.

The album was preceded by nine singles, released weekly leading up to the album’s release. Amorosi said “Now that we have released nine singles every Monday I can understand why it is not done. Because it is really hard.”

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